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Special Guest Performer
"Magic at the Theatre":
17 May 2000 (Wednesday) Victoria Theatre

"The award -winning dove magic of Chan Ee Kang!"
Chan Ee Kang holds the distinction of being the only dove magician in Singapore who specialises exclusively in dove manipulation.

Dove magic or manipulation is the art of performing magic with live doves. Causing multi-coloured doves to vanish, appear and transform effortlessly are all part of Ee-Kang's award-winning act.

Ee-Kang is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, U.S.A, Society of American Magicians and International Magicians Society.

S.A.M.'s Illusion & Magic
article extracted from IBM (International Brotherhood of Magician's Newsletter)

SAM, Singapore presented their Illusion & Magic Show on 25 May at 4.00pm in Raffles Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel.

Altogether, 8 magicians and illusionists performed a wide variety of effects in a 2-hour show that included stage-magic, fire eating, escapes, and grand illusions. There was a memorable and highly admirable dove-magic opening by Ee Kang. This young man shows a lot of promise.

Star Talent Quest '97
IMS (International Magicians Society)
March 06, 1997

Hearty Congratulations to IMS member Chan Ee Kang, who, despite facing strong competition from 30 other entertainers including magicians, comedians, impersonators, singers and dancers, was adjudge the Champion in the Star Struck Talent Quest '97 event held at the Boom Boom Room on February 02. He beautifully presented a
8 minutes act featuring fluttering white doves, fire and card manipulations was executed with confidence. His act, which was accompanied by well chosen hot pace music and special effects, captivated the audience and judges alike. The judges unanimously agreed they have founded the "STAR" and awarded Ee Kang the much coveted Championship Trophy and S$3,000.00 Cash Prize.

Magician or Mechanical Engineer
article extracted from Singapore Polytechnic Newsletter
written by Hendra Gunawan

" It all began when I was nine years old, I was struck one day by a demonstration at a magic shop. The man was changing red hankies into purple ones right in front of me, I was thrilled. Ever since then, I've been buying props every weekend to try out all kinds of magic tricks."

"My first audience were, of course my parents" revealed Ee Kang. " I spent $4.50 buying a 'magic set' called 'Cups and Balls'. I was totally innocent then. I believed that when I hit the ball, it would go through the plastic cup like magic. I didn't know that there was a trick behind it. So I hit the ball, expecting it to go through the cup. It didn't, of course.

I still remember what my father said before bursting into laughter, "Son you took my $4.50 just to get a few plastic cups and balls and you call it magic?"

Not deterred by his first failure, Ee Kang was ready for another performance two year later, this time for his fellow classmates, By then he was multiplying plastic balls, restoring torn newspapers, making milk disappear....

At the moment he is trying to perfect his dove magic - namely releasing his doves and making them fly back to him. "Magic tricks involving life stock are tedious and time consuming. Many people do not have the patience to do such tricks," he confided.

In secondary school, he started taking up courses on magic by joining clubs. In March last year he performed at the auditorium for his department's MM Day. In May 1996, he performed with a well-established foreign magician at the Concorde Hotel. That you can say, has put him on par with world class magicians!

What about the future! Is he going to be a Magician or a Mechanical Engineer? " An Engineer of Course," was Ee Kang's quick reply. "Magic is just my hobby only."

Well, if only day we see Ee Kang walking through the Great Wall of China we'll know that, he has taken the 'Magic' route for his career; if not he must be the best 'magical' mechanical engineer around town.

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